Our goal as a company is to help people enjoy a better quality of life. This begins with working hard to make their homes sparkle but extends to a greater cause. Using green product and methods, being kind and respectful to our planet as well as the people around us, and connecting with the global community are all vital parts of our business model. We believe that these small efforts have very large rewards. It also helps that EcoClean is comprised of a small team of trusted, highly trained, energetic and positive thinking people. These employees are the core to what we consider to be a progressive and successful company.

A Perfect Fit!

What sets EcoClean apart is our customizable service. We understand that each household is unique and each home has its own individual needs. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that goes above and beyond just a great clean. We’ve found that a personal touch can go a long way in brightening up the daily live of those around us. When you choose EcoClean to care for your home, you will be able to interact with your cleaners by using our checklist system. We know the value of open communication and feedback in keeping our customers and cleaners happy. Let us do the chores so you can kick your feet back and enjoy your time at home.

"Having a business with a higher purpose is essential to living a meaningful, more fulfilling life."

- Eliza J. Smith
Founder, Owner, and Cleaner



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"We love EcoClean! We have found them to be the single best cleaning team we have ever utilized. Not only do they leave everything in splendid, sparkling shape - floors, furniture, appliances - but they always seem to find an extra-something to touch-up nicely. Perhaps most satisfying is the fact that they show up when scheduled; a major plus in our busy world." - Brian K.

"I have turned to EcoClean to handle all of my rental property cleanings for the past 5+ years. Eliza and her team respond quickly, do a great job, and always at a very fair price. Highly recommended!" - Scott Mullens, Owner - SM Properties

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